After making tomatoes, I couldn't help but make some burgers as well, because, burgers are awesome! and delicious,..

Everything has been added to the shop if you're interested :)

1:12th scale bacon cheese burgers and tomatoes1:12th scale bacon cheese burgers and tomatoes

I got a good start on cleaning my room. I've gotten to a place, after my last "deep clean" where it really doesn't take me more than a couple of hours to get everything under control. If I'm able to stay focused on the task that is,.. the main issue I'm having at the moment are all the boxes from packages - that's what happens when everything you're lacking are larger items OR large quantities of small things.. And then there are the sites that feel like you don't need just 1, but 2 boxes; 1 box containing your actual order, and another, slightly larger box, which task is to contain the first box - come on people.

The only reason it takes me so long to get rid of the boxes is because of the system for trash here. You have to put cardboard in the cardboard dumpster - that's fair, no complaints there... But they made the 'slit' where you have to push the cardboard through about the size of a small cereal box - ask my boyfriend how much fun it is to cut 3 huge boxes from a couch delivery into tiny pieces ;)