Currently on my desk; Carrots

Finally have the time to finish some little carrot cakes I started working on last week (at least, I think it was last week). But I wanted some carrots to go along with them, so that's what I've been working on today.

I think these came out pretty cute - hopefully they'll be up in the shop some time tomorrow :)

Also, a quick update on the ceramic glazes; you know when you have a glaze, and you think it is a particular color, but then it turns out that it might not be that color?.... I was firing the last glaze swatched to FINALLY update the ceramic tutorial... However - a couple of the plates came out,. not as expected.. They came out great - the colors I thought belonged to certain names of glazes though, seem to go with different ones,.. So I have to fire some more pieces to determine whether I've previously, mistakenly mixed up the names OR whether I've switched them around this time *sigh*.