SO,. I've decided to do a major clean-out of my ceramic stash which will be made available as discounted sets a couple of hours after publishing this post.


Well,. every time I fire ceramics, my main priority is to make pieces for myself (not my shop) - because if I don't have ceramics on hand, I have no plates to arrange my miniature food on... which would suck, considering miniature food is my main focus. I always try to make sure to have a wider variety of colors, glazes etc ready because you never know what you're going to need, and you might be surprised which colors looks really good with certain types of food... However, I feel my stash has been accumulating pieces for a long time now and my brain is telling me to start over (not quite,. I am keeping some pieces because,. well,. I need to haha).

Some of the pieces have been sitting in my stash for a long time.. Some of them are colors or glazes that I really like, but I may not have found the perfect use for.. a lot of them are thrown in the mix, simply because "why not",. some of the pieces may have small glaze imperfections that maybe wouldn't make it to my shop at a normal price, but I would be totally okay with using them myself (and for selling, with food and on arrangements).

I usually (currently) charge 5$ for a plate or a bowl. my pie dishes are usually 9$. the cooking/baking dishes and cutting boards plus some of the other pieces are usually priced between 6 & 8$... So,. let's tickle those prices and make them lose some waterweight (yes,. I know - weird analogy) ;D 25$ bundles of 8+ items per bundle! yuus! :) less than half price.