*Picture directly from my instagram

Been working on sculpting bases and ceramic jewelry which hopefully will be listed in the shop by the end of this month :) And if not, it'll be up the first week of next month.

Personally, I'm super excited for the new charms and will most definitely need to make one for myself - if not a couple. Though I haven't fired them yet, I'm already in love with incorporating ceramics into jewelry designs. It's different from making all the sculpted components from polymer clay and I really hope you'll like the finished pieces!

I'm also excited to finally list sculpting bases in the shop - something that has been requested for a long time. The reason why I haven't made any to sell until now is because they had to go through months of testing.. Why?, well; When they're heated and cooled repeatedly many times it really puts them to a test. Clay in ceramics will expand and retract depending on the temperature and content of moisture in the enviroment around it. This means that the glazes need to be able to expand and retract with the clay - because if not, depending on the glaze, clay, how it's been fired and lots of other factors that means that the glaze can crackle. It doesn't affect the useability of the sculpting base, it's really just a cosmetic thing, and though technically ceramic glazes could crackle in the future (look at antiques or even well used cooking dishes) I'd prefer if they at least stay nice and crackle-free for a while. I believe the ones I'm currently using, which are made the same way as the ones I'll be selling, have been in use since May of this year - and no signs of crackling/crazing yet.

I will also be restocking some miniature ceramics in the shop - plates, pie dishes, cooking dishes etc. including the black and red ones I posted a while back on instagram, which I keps as a 'Christmas' launch for this year :)