I'm throwing in the towel; As I wrote in my previous post I was hoping to finish a few more chinchillas to then list in the shop this week,. well, I also mentioned how I love chinchillas, haha - and I ended up deciding on keeping a couple of them. I very rarely keep miniatures unless I've specifically made them to use in photos as props but I've grown fond of the little critters. I managed to finish a chinchilla yesterday and have been working on finishing up another one today but knowing how long it'll take me to add the final details and considering I still need to photograph them as well as a few other minis, I know it'd be a matter of compromising either the quality or delay adding them to the shop - and there's really only 1 acceptable solution.

Why can't I keep the one I'm currently working on? - being completely honest, the newest ones are also the best looking ones. I'd rather offer the best ones in my shop :) Also had a chance to use the new angora fibres (cruelty free) I talked about in my last post and oh my! they are of such a great quality! Feeling very inspired to make more animals already.

Listings will be up in the shop tomorrow :)