Started working on cinnamon rolls last night. Didn't get far though, as I started pretty late but I managed to make enough for the first little arrangement :) Had to spend today filming a video for YouTube so I wasn't able to continue this morning but will finish the rest tonight! They'll be up in the shop at the end of this month (or beginning of October) together with more miniature ceramics, sculpting bases and hopefully some of the first ceramic jewelry pieces! *yay*

It's funny; I usually consider cinnamon rolls my nemesis in miniature,.. silly, really - The reason why is because I, in the past, have never made miniature cinnamon rolls that I was happy with,. I've made some, and they were fine, but they just didn't look like what a cinnamon roll, in my mind, should look like... But, behold! I've figured out why - they simply have not looked 'sticky' enough haha. So I made sure to add a nice sugary filling to these and they're pretty similar to the ones I usually bake at home :) well, other than the fact that I always bake them in cupcake liners so no filling escapes - not an issue you have in miniature.

Also - I'm pretty sure I mentioned this in a previous post, but if there are certain types/designs of ceramics you'd like to see in the shop, just throw me a message through this site and I'll see what I can do! Always interested in hearing what you would like :) I posted a sneak peek of a new plate design on instagram yesterday (totally inspired by one of the asian food accounts I follow) and am will see if I can finish another type of dish that I have in mind before firing at the end of this week.