A lot has happened these past couple of months and for the most part, I've enjoyed it! :) But I will have to make some changes, most of which are minor and won't have much of an effect on anything, but one of the things I'm considering is to close down custom orders.

I'm not completely sure yet, and I'm doing my best to figure out a way to at least be able to accept custom orders some months, but as of now it looks like custom orders will be very limited moving forward. I will be removing the 'custom orders' tab from the top Menu for now and only make it active when/if custom orders reopen.

I sincerely appreciate the custom orders I've gotten to make this past year - not to mention the great back stories that go with a lot of them - so thank you so much for your support. And although custom orders will be closed for now - there's nothing wrong with sending me a message and asking if there's a chance *insert blank* by any chance will be coming up in the shop - I'm always interested in knowing what people are looking for.

With that being said - I can't believe this year has almost come to an end! I'm so excited for the new year with all the new projects, tasks and challenges that are coming up! Next shop update will be the 1st of January, though I can't say how many pieces will be listed as a large chunk of this month will be spent working on dolls. Finally had a chance to order the fabric I was missing for mr. Hanks as well, so hopefully he should be all dressed in the upcoming week.