I love and appreciate a lot of different styles and time periods, but one of my all time favories is the 1950's (although watching the documentary series 'hidden killers' slightly killed some of the romanticism in the post war home episode - do recommend though! very interesting).

I was originally going to make someone else but found that I didn't have all the supplies I needed, and so after making a few searches on google, trying to figure out what else I felt like making, I came across a photo of a vintage, toy airplane. I've had much more fun making these than I should, haha. Also very much enjoyed picking out the cans of paint from the local model-building shop... well,. toy store with a very sad section of model building supplies,.. But they're adorable, aren't they? I'm not sure if I'm even going to be able to use the paint for this project, but if not, I'm sure I can find another use for it :)

I've got so many things to do and projects to finish this weekend. Hopefully I can find time to paint these tomorrow or Sunday *fingers crossed*.

Oh! before I forget; I did record the process of making these, so if the footage turned out well enough, There should be a tutorial up as well, as soon as I'm able to edit it :)