Before placing a custom order

Once a custom order has been placed it is no longer possible to make alterations as the items are handmade and made to order, nor is it possible to receive a refund should you 'regret' placing the order. Upon completion, I will of course email you pictures for you to approve and should you for whatever reason not be pleased with the final product, it will be possible to get a refund, minus a percentage of the total amount which will be discussed before the order is placed - this is for my own insurance.

How it works

If you wish to commission a 1:12th scale food miniature, please send me a message with a description of what you're looking for. If you wish to provide an image that will give me a better understanding of the look or type of arrangement you're looking for, definitely do so! BUT, please note that I do not recreate miniatures made by other miniature artists or make pieces based on those same creations. I'm also unable to make an exact replica of an old piece - though similar items can be made. Once I've received your email, we can discuss further details about the piece, the price etc.

I may make additional, similar pieces while working on a custom order to be able to list some in my shop as well, or for use in tutorials :)

Q&A and useful information

- How much will a custom order cost?; I price my miniatures individually, meaning that I don't have a set price for eg. cakes and a set price for fruits. Each piece is priced according to the amount of detail and components, time it takes to complete and other factors - Please message me for further details on the exact item you wish to commission.

- How long will it take to complete the order?; please refer back to the 'contact' page where you'll be able to find the current estimate for the processing time.

- Is it possible to commission food in a different scale?; Unfortunately, I'll only accept orders for 1:12th scale pieces.

Ceramics for custom orders

If ceramics are required for the piece you wish to commission, I will discuss options available with you, before you place the order. If I don't at the current time have ceramics available of the size, color etc needed, I am in most cases able to make it - this will extend the processing time for the order with up to 4 weeks.

Copyrighted/Branded items

I do by principle not sell copyrighted/branded items. If you wish to order a particular style of fastfood, a certain type of cream filled biscuit or anything like that it may be possible, but I will create my own logo (if packaging is required) which will likely not look similar to the original, create a different pattern with my own initials on the biscuit and so forth.