This is a post I've thought about making for a while and I'm hoping, that it will bring some clarity to those who, since I closed down commissions at the beginning of 2019, have been contacting me or have been visiting my website in hopes of placing a custom order. If you fall under this category, please read this post.

*seperate section about dolls further down*

So, I think it's fair to say that a lot of artists do commission work and that the majority of those artists creating miniatures accept custom orders - so why are mine closed?

Truth is that I've never been great with custom orders. Back in 2010, when I had just started selling and I hadn't yet discovered the world of 1:12th scale miniatures, I did make quite a few custom orders for charms and had a lot of fun with it. The charms I made were a lot more simple than the miniatures I make now, they didn't take as long and I really enjoyed making people's requests and ideas come to life. I still love the idea of custom orders, and I love the idea of exactly that; helping people get the exact piece they want. Unfortunately, no matter how much I wish this was something I could keep up with, I can't force my brain to work that way.

I'm struggling with finding the perfect way of explaining this but working with miniatures is something I do because it makes me happier than anything else in this world. Creating art is the only thing I've ever wanted to do as a job or career and while a lot of people thrive when they get to work on custom orders, I just don't. What I do is 100% driven by inspiration - Inspiration is my motivation. I've talked to some of the artists and creatives I know and they completely understand where I'm coming from, so I'm hoping that this will make sense. The best way I can explain it is that as soon as something is a custom order/commission, it feels forced and rather than being this thing that I love, it becomes a task - a big cloud over mig head which stops me from getting anything done at all. I won't be in the mood to to make what was asked of me, but I also won't be able to work on anything else because I feel the presure of having to finish the commissioned piece first.

I understand that it won't make sense to everyone and that some of you who are reading this might be shaking your head but I kindly ask that if you come across someone who says no to making a custom piece, whether it's me or someone else, that you please respect their choice. There may be reasons why they don't do commissions and they don't have to give an explanation for those reasons.

Still, I know there are people who can be very persistent and will think that their request is more important than someone else's,. and with the risk of sounding cold and harsh, I do feel the need to throw in some examples... I've previously received emails on a weekly basis (at times, more than weekly) from people who say they've lost pets, loved ones, kids, and therefore I should accept their order (some say please and some are not asking, but demanding). I know for a fact that some of those stories aren't true but some of them are, and I feel for them/you - I am so sorry they/you had to go through that! but it doesn't mean that I or someone else need to forget all about our own reasons for saying no in the first place - these boundaries are set to protect ourselves and our mental state. And generally, for any custom order, offering a 'far in the distance' deadline may help some places, but in cases like mine it just means a prolonged period of time with a cloud over my head. Offering more money after already receiving a 'no' is rude because it means that you think you can buy someone, and in some cases this may just be the thing that gets you a spot on a commission list, but know that some of those artists accepting your order will do it out of pure necessity for that extra cash and might still be struggling throughout the entire process from 'accepting' that order to 'completion'.

With all of this being said, and yes, this was the brief version,.. I want to quickly talk about a specific category of miniatures seperately; the miniature portrait dolls. I haven't been making them for that long (at the time that I'm writing this), but ever since I started posting pictures of them I've received questions in regards to whether or not I can make them to order. Now, considering the things I've talked about above with 'inspiration' being my driving force for what I do, you might be able to understand why dolls were one of the categories that were never available as commissions, even when custom orders were open. If I'm working 'full time' on one of these dolls they'll in average take me a week to complete - that's heck of a long time to be working on something, if you're not inspired to be working on it. There has to be love and passion behind them. The people I choose to make are often people I saw in movies growing up (or have discovered since), people who inspire me, or sometimes people that I just for whatever random reason feel a desire to make - it doesn't always make sense. If you are looking for a portrait doll of a specific 'celebrity' and you have read this entire post, I genuinly don't mind if you send me an email about a possible custom order for that person/doll (please include the fact that you read this). But be aware that there is a great chance I'm going to decline. This is nothing personal - but I need to be able to fall in love with that person in order to spend that many hours looking at them and recreating them ._. and though there will always be exceptions:

1, In general, actors/actresses are a safer bet than a musician/singer as you often don't have the same visual connection with the people who creates music,. 2, I am from Denmark, so there are a lot of people that I won't have the same connection with because I grew up in a place where they may not have had the same meaning they do to you, if you are from a different country,. 3, if I am not able to find the reference pictures I need, I won't even attempt it,. If I say no, I will likely not give you a reason unless it's the third one mentioned, but I can tell you that I will never, never, EVER have enough orange clay or paint to make mr. Trump ;)

With that being said, don't be afraid to ask about the possibility of making a certain doll.