Exciting things happening! :) I finished the first ceramic jewelry design which is this ice cream inspired pendant. this particular one in the photo is mine, but I'm firing more cones this weekend - including some smaller ones for earrings! Unfortunately I can't wear those as I don't have my ears pierced, but believe me, they have made me reconsider my choices because I love the way they look!

The necklace in the photo features a ceramic ice cream cone, a pink cultured pearl, a pale pink sapphire rondelle, some smaller cultured pearls and a white topaz drop which isn't really visible + a couple of sterling silver headpins & silver 'balls' and it's attached to a sterling silver chain - I really, really like it!

My plan was to add them to the site together with a couple of miniatures this Sunday, BUT, I just got an email today about a shipment being sent out with something else I'm pretty excited about. I won't show you the design (waiting till I have the product in my hand) but I'll let you know what it is,.... enamel pins!! :) I couldn't help myself, and though the design is not going to be for everyone, I had to make something that matches up with what I enjoy doing,. That's all I'll say haha. I will most definitely be adding some jewelry, miniature ceramics, miniatures, hopefully the enamel pins and a couple of new tutorials this upcoming week so stay tuned! :)