Was finally able to list some new minis in the shop! I got a new monitor to use with my laptop, which probably sounds strange,. The thing is, that when I got this laptop last year I almost immediately noticed that the colors on the screen appeared more 'cool' toned, which didn't seem too big of a deal at the time - and I really loved the laptop, so it didn't think much of it. I've come to realize though, that when editing my miniature photos, what appears to be the right colors on my laptop are definitely not the right colors when comparing it to my phone or my boyfriend's computer. I chose a Samsung monitor (same type my boyfriend has) and sure, I know this particular monitor may show colors slightly more vibrant than they should be, but it's definitely an improvement! And it should make the editing and listing of new items less of a pain in the butt.

New minis up in the shop! ^^ Donuts, open face sandwiches, filet mignon and more :)