A few days ago I made a miniature chinchilla, which if you follow my instagram you've already seen - though it wasn't completely done at the time of me snapping the picture. This picture is just a quick shot I took with my phone a few hours ago of another couple of little guys I've been working on today. I'm hoping I can find the motivation to make at least 2 more within the next couple of days, and I'm saying 'hoping' because as much as I'm enjoying making them, I'm in general not that good at making more than 1-2 of something before jumping to the next project - something I would like to get better at. Either way, there should be a few chinchillas up for adoption in the shop some time next week :)

I love rodents, bunnies and any small, fluffy animals, but chinchillas may be my favorite - and I'm not just saying that because we have 2 of them haha. They resemble fat squirrels to me and I love their curiosity, personalities. poses and small quirks. I wanted to make more animals this year and I feel like I'm doing well so far considering we're not even past the middle of January yet! let's keep it going! :)

Something I've been excited about is the fact that I've found a new place to buy cruelty free angora fibres, which is what I use for a lot of my animals; angora is without a doubt the type of fur that has the most negativity surrounding it when you, especially on a platform like YouTube, use it in a video. A lot of people assume that one is not aware of what is going on in the fur industry if you choose to use it, without considering the fact that they may be the ones who could use further education in that area. It is indeed possible to get your hands on cruelty free fur - you just have to look for it in the right places and not let articles from PETA be your only guideline. Don't look around in well established, big shops,. look around for smaller, local farms where the fur is harvested by combing the fur that is already ready to shed (or in some cases trimmed, as this can also be fully acceptable if not correctly). I've even been contacted by multiple viewers/followers in the past who own pet angora rabbits and were willing to send me fur. The angora I've been using up until now was purchased back in 2011 or 2012 - I've since gone back to look for the site, but the UK based lady no longer sells it (at least not online). Of course I haven't been non-stop searching for another place to buy from as I'm not exactly running low on the fibres, but I've finally found another place that I feel comfortable buying from AND it's here in Denmark *excitement*.