BBQ marinated ribs with golden fries, anyone? yes please!

Total comfort food for what is (at least here) a very grey, wet Friday. They may not be edible, but they still look super cute - and they are unfortunately also making me crave ribs.

These are available in the shop :)

Completely random thought; I came across a magazine with a roast on the front cover, as I was out doing some grocery shopping,. it's been a long time since I made a roast. Hams and roast chickens don't count,. a proper roast - roastbeef or something like that. It used to be one of the things I'd make quite often.. Will have to make some soon!

While we're at it - ribs is something I really love making as well - so how about a throwback to some of my first miniature ribs?

... From 2011... It's funny - back then, I'd almost always add some cucumber, tomato slices and lettuce to any savory arrangement. I think it may be a case of "the more, the better",. not sure if I agree though haha. If I at least had put it together as a salad instead,. but no - it had to be spread out like this, as if they were toppings for a burger *facepalm*

ah well.. :)