I'd like to start off by saying thank you! - thank you so much for the great amount of support yesterday, when the site launched.

Tutorial for the garlic I made is now available in the shop, AND with decent audio. I've been going nuts due to the issues I've been having with the audio in my last few video edits, but the good thing is that I am now 100% sure that my laptop is to blame - which will solve itself when I get my new laptop on Thursday. Today I took advantage of the fact that my boyfriend is at a friend's place, so I used his desktop to record the voice over,. much better!

*update For those who have purchased the garlic tutorial; if you experienced any problems, let me know! - have been notified by 2 people about 2 different issues - the tutorial has been re-uploaded

I really love the garlic - they look so cute and are perfect for so many arrangements, so I hope you like them too :)

Next tutorial should be going up Thursday or Friday, and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to post another one during the weekend :)

A few of you have been messaging me about ceramics and I will most definitely keep you updated on here before I'm going to list any - so make sure to check back.

I've been working on getting some ready for the site and should be able to list a few in the beginning of August. I wish I'd be able to list a lot more at a time, but as things are now, I don't have as much time as I'd like to prepare ceramics for sale, so they will be going up in smaller 'batches' each time. If you have particular types of ceramics you'd like to see in my shop, don't hesitate with sending me a message (please include a link to a picture on google so I know what you mean). I can't guarantee that I'll be making them, but I am most definitely interested in knowing what type of ceramics you're looking for! - one of the reasons I started making ceramics in the first place was because I wasn't able to find the size, shape, style or color of ceramic I wanted - and using the white plates from ebay was just not doing it haha. One thing I do want to add though is that larger and/or more detailed pieces may result in higher price points compared to simpler things. eg; The pie dishes I make are going to cost more than the cutting boards.

Best wishes