Hey there!

Been working on glazed ham :) still need to finish up the details on the rest of them before I can list them in the shop. They won't be able to arrive in time for Christmas, but they weren't really thought of as a Christmas item anyway - though of course, they would be very well suited for the holidays!

I'm basically making things that don't require plates,.. I used up (almost) the rest of my ceramics stash when working on all the breakfast and brunch pieces. On purpose, in order to just start fresh and make a few new batches,. my current issue is the fact that I haven't yet set aside time to make those new batches of plates,.. But having only a few mis-matched plates and absolutely no bowls left sure is motivating! so I might start working on new ones tomorrow.

I have a few more waffle platings, which will be up and available in the beginning of the week, for those who have not yet had a chance to order those. You may have noticed that I've started 'limiting' some of the minis I list, to 1-2 per customer. The reason for this is simply to give more people a chance to get their hands on some of them. I can only make X amount of pieces and it pains me to hear when people miss out. So though I can't guarantee that there is enough to go around, this is a way to ensure less people miss out on the items they want, so I appreciate your understanding.