Ham and cheese baguette sandwiches are now up :) I need to fire another batch of ceramics in order to finish up some more sandwiches I have planned - hoping to fire at the end of this upcoming week. Have been working on a new version of my pie dishes. Granted, there's not a huge difference,. it's a pie dish after all - but it's slightly more neat, slightly less 'slanted' (not that there's anything wrong with slanted - I just wanted a different look for this one) and I think it has at least 1 more of the 'arched' bits around the edge ;D Made a smaller pie dish as well - something I've been wanting to make for quite a while. Both to use for smaller pies/tarts but also for other arrangements as I love using pie dishes for pastries, cookies etc. Will be adding some to the shop either this month or in November :)