Guilty as charged - have been gone for too long. It seems impossible for me to stay at a schedule with this blog at the moment - but I will get a hang of it eventually.

This doesn't have anything to do with miniatures or jewelry - just catching up :) I do have a few new miniatures that'll be listed soon, but I'll admit that my mind has been more intrigued by the thought of playing around with my new toy this past week... I decided to buy an airbrush. Those who know me, will know that I used to draw a lot. I haven't drawn much since 2010 really, when I moved away from home and other, more important things, seemed to get in the way. For the past couple of years I have tried to at least get some sketching done and I've actually managed to finish a couple of pieces this year *applause* My ultimate goal would be to incorporate this into my daily routine - making time for both miniatures and drawing/painting. I would love to create an account on RedBubble/Society6 and I'd even love to sell some originals, though I know those who visit my website are likely not looking to buy that sort of artwork. But hey, gonna start somewhere :)

So,. Why an airbrush? Well,. I enjoy working with a variety of medias and I like different types for different reasons; I love pencils and colored pencils - I love the fine details you can get but dislike filling in large areas with them. I love the soft look of pastels (especially for animals), how they blend effortlessly and cover large areas evenly and fast - and though you can get fine detail in,. it's just not quite enough,. the sandpaper-like surface (which I prefer to be able to build up layers) are not great if you wish to combine it with colored pencils for extra fine details and furthermore, if adding details in colored pencils, you're then unable to add more pastel on top. Plus, I'm terrified of the thought of shipping a pastel painting in the mail. With watercolors you're able to obtain fine details as well as cover large areas, but the transparent quality of the paints don't allow me to quite get the depth I want. Combining watercolor with gouache solves the lack of depth with its' opaque quality but gouache doesn't exactly lend itself to realistic blends and transitions ( though of course it can be done,. and gouache/watercolors can be used with an airbrush to solve this problem as well).

I've never been into painting with oils/acrylics in the traditional form using brushes. I don't have the patience for oils - would be mentally 'done' with a piece before ever finishing it,. and don't appreciate the look/texture that usually follows when working with paints...

I love working with all my different medias but I felt it was time to try out something different - and seeing as an airbrush checks all of my boxes,. why not? And the fact that the gun and bottles of paint remind me of something that can be found in a tattoo shop is only a plus in my book - it just looks,. cool ;D

Though I got it a week ago, I haven't actually played around with it much yet. I'm waiting for a couple of small things in the mail, which sadly got delayed, but I'm anxious to get started!