I really don't like working with silk,.. something I just found out... But finally; mr. Chan is done! I'm really happy with the result.

His pants and jacket are both made from silk. When I started sculpting him, I already had an idea of which outfit to put him in - it's inspired by some of the chinese suits he's worn. In my mind, I pictured it being made from silk and how lucky was I that the local fabric store had put the last bit of silk from a roll on sale, in exactly the color I wanted? They call it "scraps", I call it "more off white silk than I'll ever go through for miniatures in my lifetime'' *miniature perks*, am I right? haha

The second doll won't be up until tomorrow because the silk used for Chan delayed me o_o almost there! tomorrow, promise!. It might actually be a good thing though - that way they get a blog post each.

Hoping to finish Liam's head sculpt tomorrow as well so I can start painting it soon, but we'll see.. I have a few projects piled up that need to be finished this week.