This is one of the doll sculpts I've had on my desk recently. I sculpted the head around 3 months ago and made the torso within the past week or so. I had started shading and adding the hair, and today I made the decision to scrap it. It was one of my favorite sculpts - I really, really liked it, so why did I make the choice to stop working on it?

Multiple factors play into it,.. One of the main things is that when looking for reference pictures of her, I had a hard time finding the pictures I needed - it's often more difficult to get good reference material from the 'past', usually because the pictures you can get your hands on aren't very good quality. When sculpting, I always have 2 main pictures that I use to work from (front facing and profile) as well as additional angles to get a better 360-visual of what the person looks like. The 2 main pictures I used for this sculpt, due to lack of reference material, were both of a Julia Roberts quite a few years later in life compared to what I needed and though she does look a lot like she did back then, her features are not as soft as they once were. Besides that, I also wasn't able to get great reference material for the look I was going for in spite of skipping through the movie sequence frame by frame and trying to copy a look that you can't see properly is a no-go. So though it would make a great Julia Roberts doll, it wasn't what I wanted in this particular case and rather than spending the time finishing something I wasn't happy with, I decided to scrap it.

Shit happens - sometimes things don't go as planned. I've scrapped doll sculpts for worse reasons like having them sit on my desk for too long (that's a dangerous one for me, no matter what project we're talking aboout) - it's quite honestly amazing that I even continued working on the Julia doll after 3 months! if something sits on my desk for too long, no matter how great it looks or how long I've spent on it, it usually always ends up in the trash,. Or how about the Jason Statham doll I started at one point? honestly LOVED that sculpt, so why didn't I finish it?, you want to know?; I simply didn't have the patience to do his hair. . . I know myself well enough to know that I wouldn't be happy with just sculpting it or adding shading, but when it came down to it, at that time, I just couldn't make myself spend that long placing *almost* individual strands of hair to get the look I wanted. Some day I might redo that one, I really like that angry little british man ;) *side note, I know he's not angry,. that's just the nickname he's been given in our household*.