I don't actually like lamb, but I think a lamb chop is one of the most elegant looking cuts of meat out there. I posted these a couple of days ago, on instagram. The plan was to have them up in the shop today, but I only have 2 boards ready to list. I need to finish a couple of plates, and will try to have those ready by tomorrow - although a change in plans might not allow it *keep reading*. If the plated lamb is not ready by tomorrow, I'll still be listing 2 boards. And then hopefully have the rest up by Sunday or Monday.

We, my boyfriend and I that is, went to a shop today that we haven't visited before. It's one of those lovely geeky places (that is not meant in a bad way, in case you wasn't sure), which focus on board games and role playing,.. The type with elves and trolls (again, in case you weren't sure, haha). There were tables where people could sit and play their 'dungeons and dragons' and what not, and I even got a; "Michael jackson, whooo" when my phone rang and the intro to smooth crimminal started playing. I'll admit that when he asked if I wanted to go, I agreed purely to make him happy and keep him company,. but after looking at their website in the 'materials' section, I realized just how much stuff I wanted from there! I bought a decent armful of stuff; things I had only just then felt a need for, as well as things I've been wanting for some time. A few of the things I wanted were out of stock though, and here comes the change of plans;

There are 2 of this particular shop in Denmark,. the other one is larger, and much closer to where we live. So we decided to go visit it tomorrow - because why the heck not?. Crossing my fingers we'll be home much sooner than we were today though.

With that being said - I am so inspired to start making some miniatures using parts of my loot *arms waving in the air due to pure excitement*

Hope you'll all have a great weekend! :)