Made a few lemons yesterday - they'll be up in the shop some time next week :)

This past weekend made the decision to delete the pre-recorded, unedited food tutorials on my computer... My brain doesn't like having any type of project left unfinished for too long, it always results in me not finishing it. I also made the decision to not finish the 2 dolls I was working on - which does make me sad, but I'd feel better about starting over when it's been this long.

1:12th scale miniature lemons1:12th scale miniature lemons

Anyway, Because I've been asked a few times for a lemon tutorial, I figured I'd record them this time, and so I did :) The tutorial will be up and available either tomorrow or Saturday, and I'll be recording another tutorial Saturday (should be up some time next week) where I'll be using a few of the lemon slices as well. It's not a necessity to add the lemon, but it'll go well with the dish. That's also a huge part of my thought process when filming tutorials for the site; I try to focus on 1 element per video. Sure, sometimes there will be a few components to accompany the main item, but I try to keep it simple. This is also one of the reasons why there's no burger tutorial on my site yet - something that has definitely been requested. When you think about it, it's really just a toasted bun, a slice of cheese, lettuce and some ketchup or similar dressings. The tomato (cane), pickles (cane), bacon and anything else you might decide to add, are all items that should have their own video - that's also why you'll see no use of tomato, cucumber or other ingredients like that in my 'fried chicken sandwich' tutorial. Of course this doesn't mean I won't be making a burger tutorial! But it may focus more on a couple of different styles of buns and dressings rather than the 'main components'.