So,... there's definitely progress on the little girl from a few posts ago, right? I mean - she has painted details and hair, so that's something. I don't know if anyone remembers the elderly lady on the left? I started working on her near the end of 2017! and there has been zero progress since.

Usually, if I leave projects for too long without finishing them I'll end up throwing them out. It doesn't matter if they look good or not - it's a mental thing,. I'm just really bad at continuing working on old pieces. This lady has survived though - I really like her, and since I have 2 unfinished dolls now, I've made it a goal of mine to finish them both this month. I'd like to say this week, but seeing as the heat is making my room unbearable to stay in for a prolonged period of time, I'm going to stick with 'this month'. This week is already book up with a few other loose ends, some custom orders and I also have to film a YouTube video *sigh* - YouTube has not been high on my list for the past year, which you may have guessed if you read my recent blog post about that same topic.

I'm excited about finishing these dolls though - I've got plans for both. And once finished, they will be available in my shop.

I'm determined to enjoy the little things though, in this 'semi tropical climate', haha. I've almost cleaned up my desk today - which was needed!,. And I got a new box for my scrap clay;

This is my old box - with remains that are to be thrown away. Yes, I know, bad Tanja! But the thing is, there's so many tiny, mixed pieces of clay that I'd never get use out of. I do a clean-out of my scrap clay approx once a year where I try to color sort the larger groups and get rid of what you see in the picture above. I improved the system this time though;

Look at how much better this looks! - this is the clay I salvaged from the old box. I decided to finally get a box with some compartments to hopefully keep the colors sorted for longer this time. I might need a second box soon,. The problem is, that even though I'd be perfectly capable of using this clay for all my miniatures, I still sometimes need to make new color mixes of these same colors for tutorials (that's the one problem with showing the exact colors used every time) because there's no way I'd be organized enough to keep notes together with each color mix to know which colors/brands I used - and that'd take up too much space anyway.