*Picture is a work in progress shot of a 1:12 miniature polymer clay doll.

You know when you have those days where you feel like creating something, yet you can't decide on what to make? Today was one of those days for me. I wanted to make something, and I was inspired to create something, but when looking through pictures of food that I could make, nothing really spoke to me more than the rest. After going grocery shopping, prepping and eating dinner, I still hadn't decided on anything to make - but I then had a sudden burst of inspiration; A doll.

I don't make dolls often (not counting the simple cartoon style dolls I made for YT videos) - in fact, other than an elderly lady I started making near the end of last year (which I still need to finish), nor the baby I made this year, I don't think I've made any normal, 1:12th scale, realistic dolls since 2015... which seems like a crazy long time. But for whatever reason, this is what I wanted to start working on today more than any other project I could think of. I'm making a child - not sure if toddler is the correct term, I'm not knowledgeable when it comes to kids haha, but a young child. I've only made 1 child-doll in the past (not counting babies) so this will be fun.

Making dolls is a love-hate thing for me. I really do like making them,. but the fun part is sculpting the head, and once that's done, I'm pretty much mentally ready to move on to the painting and decorating part of the process...

For this one, as well as the elderly lady I'm working on, I decided not to use my pre-made eyes - instead, I'm painting on the eyes once the sculpture has been baked. Making eyes from a cane gives a very realistic result and it's definitely harder to paint them on a finished sculpt, rather than painting them before inserting them,. so why am I doing it this way?,. I'm not sure. I want to be able to customize the eyes to fit each individual doll instead of using the same few shades of eyes every time (unless you make a lot of cane of course), and I want to be able to pick an eye color on the spot without having to make a cane in the first place. This doll, once it's finished, will determine if future dolls will have eyes made from a cane or painted eyes.

I'm not filming the sculpting part of the process, but I'm wondering if I should film the painting/blushing portion as a 'step by step'. I'd like to add some doll tutorials to the site, but I feel like it's best to make them in small parts only focusing on how to sculpt 1 limb, painting, adding hair etc. one thing at a time.