So for the past couple of months I've been working on something different and non-miniature related; Stickers. It's not something I've only just recently thought of creating, in fact, it was about a year ago that I first started working on a couple of designs. At that time, the plan was to have them made elsewhere, which is probably also why I never finished a sheet.. This time, I decided to invest in the tools and supplies to make them myself instead, and the first sheets have been added to the shop! :)

Currently, the 'matt paper' option is available, which is perfect for using in planners and bullet journals. Next week I'll be adding the matt vinyl option which aside from the sheets will also feature a couple of larger individual stickers/bundles.

I've always loved stickers - I mean, who doesn't? and I've been having SO MUCH FUN creating these designs.

They all start off as watercolor illustrations - a 'look' I personally love when it comes to stickers. They're then scanned, some are edited to offer other colorways and they're then printed and cut, all in my little studio.

All sticker orders come with a little sticker freebie as well :)