I know it's too early, celebrating the fact that I've kept up with the blog the entirety of 2018 seeing as this is only my second post, but you gotta celebrate the small victories!

A 'victory' for me this week is my new camera *all the love*. The camera I've been using for the past while for taking photos is the Panasonic lumix (fz300? maaaaybe) and I've been really happy with it, it's a nice, versatile and easy to use camera. However, for macro you do need to have the lense fairly close to the objects which usually isn't an issue - other than the fact that it sometimes blocks the light and the lense casts a shadow onto whatever you're taking a picture of. A few weeks ago I made a bee which I posted on instagram, and although I could have taken a better picture, had I spent more time on it, the camera wasn't particularly fond of the approx 1.5mm insect,. not too big of a deal, but not exactly ideal either.. Well - lately I've been working on a miniature kitchen scene to use when photographing my miniatures (am planning on making more rooms to use for this purpose) and since I know I won't necessarily be able to always get as close to the object due to obsticals in those rooms, I started to see a need for an upgrade.

I ended up deciding on the Canon EOS 800D which they had on offer in my local camera-shop in a kit with some lense,... do you sense how little I know about this type of camera equipment?,. and of course I bought a macro lense as well, since that really is the main, if not only reason, why I bought the camera in the first place.

Must say,. I'm absolutely loving it! eager to finish more miniatures so that I can play around with it some more haha - the test subject for now was one of my fried egg & bacon plates that I haven't finished yet :)