another week has passed and I feel like I have little knowledge of where that time went. Feels like I've barely accomplished anything, yet I know I've spent a lot of time researching (accounting,.. fun,..), brainstorming and ordering supplies.

When I first came up with 'SugarCharmShop' back in 2010 it was to sell a few of the polymer clay charms I made,. I've always loved coming up with 'jewelry designs' and loved the idea of making, almost like a 'stable' collection, as well as release new designs around holidays or for special occasions. - And don't get me wrong, this is NOT me announcing the end of making miniatures haha - I love making those way too much!

BUT, I do miss making jewelry and would like to make room for both in my life. I've been brainstorming ideas which you should be able to see the result of as listings in the shop, closer to the end of this month :)

The designs I'll start off with are in 2 different styles. the first one is a classic but a goodie; food inspired polymer clay jewelry. I'll only be doing a couple of designs as a starter, but am planning on expanding with time. The second style is new and so admittedly I am quite excited about it; I'll be combining 'food', ceramic, silver, gemstones & pearls to create pendants that are cute, fun, and perhaps considered more wearable for those who may not be into the 'realistic food jewelry'. I will, just like with the first style, only make a couple of designs to start off, but I do have quite a few sketches in my notebook already :)