Was trying out the new glazes I mentioned in a previous post; these are a couple of them.

I got a lot of positive response when I showed this image in my story on instagram. The favorite seemed to be the pieces with that gorgeous royal blue as part of the pattern, and I really like those as well. I will say though, that my personal favorite is the glaze used on the lighter colored pieces - it has areas that are almost like a blue-ish mirror finish which adds a lot of interest, and the way that glaze looks on the outside of bowls inparticular is just beautiful. I'm actually pretty in love with the way both glazes look on the outside of bowls - so perfect for eastern inspired 'recipes'.

Been working on my ceramic tutorial as well, finally, and the first part should be up tonight or tomorrow. It will be posted as an 'incomplete' tutorial, meaning that when listed, only the first part is available (tools & materials). The price will be 25$. in the upcoming weeks (once a week), I'll be uploading the remaining parts showing the rest of the process; throwing, glazing, firing etc. And each week the price will increase by a couple of dollars. The final price for the complete tutorial once all parts have been added will be 35$ - so if you're interested in the tutorial and want to save 10$, do place your order in the first week :) I will be making another post with more information on what to expect from the tutorial, which will be linked from the listing - please do make sure to read it so you know what you're buying.

I will be firing ceramics again this weekend, there will be some plates, bowls, pie dishes and hopefully some more sculpting bases available in the shop Monday or Tuesday :)