Still waiting for fabric so I can dress mr Hanks. I'm really hoping it'll get here by Friday - otherwise I won't see get it until the 26th or 27th and I'm hoping to start on the next doll on the 24th or 25th...

Either way, I started working on the next doll on my list :) Going to add the last details to the face tonight and make the hands and feet tomorrow. If the fabric doesn't get here by then, perhaps I should consider just starting on another one right away - having to dress 2 or 3 dolls won't make much of a difference, will it? After the one I've just started working on I am going to make a lady, promise!

It won't be the one I was originally planning on making though, at least I think it won't,. we watched a movie a few days ago and OH MY GOSH I need to make a doll inspired by an actress/look from that movie!

I've been asked how I go about choosing who to make (don't remember if I've talked about it on here or not),. It's difficult to explain,.. Of course it has to be someone I like, am inspired by, someone who's touched me or someone I just find interesting, but there are lots of people I like, admire etc. whom I'm not interested in sculpting. And then there are the sudden bursts of inspiration, like the actress I suddenly want to make as the first female celebrity doll; She wasn't originally on my list, doesn't mean I had anything against her, I just wasn't inspired to sculpt her until I saw THAT specific movie/look. Other times I might erase someone from the list, which also doesn't mean I've got anything against them, it just means I lost the inspiration... And then there's another factor; let's say you have 10 people on your list,. well, then what happens once you've made those 10 people? your brain automatically starts to think of more people to make. But in short, I have to be inspired to make them, there's not much enjoyment in spending a long time sculpting someone you don't feel like sculpting.