I've been wanting to make a miniature kitchen to use as a background/scene/prop when taking pictures of my miniatures for a very long time. I started working on one (the end of 2017, I think) but received quite a few questions from people on instagram, asking if I were to show the process... It's been on hold since then, whilst I was trying to figure out whether to turn it into a video, a PDF (pictures + text) or just continue where I left off, not worrying about documenting it.

I recently decided to start over with the purpose of showing the step by step process of how it's made - which brings me to the point of this post/announcement: Similarly to my ceramic tutorial, I'll be uploading the process of creating the kitchen as a series of videos. The main differences, and some things to be aware of are;

  • I will be able to guarantee 2 video updates/parts a month (I may be able to upload more frequently for some of the parts of the process, but since it is a more time consuming project and something I'm making on the side, I won't be able to guarantee more than 2).
  • Unlike the ceramics tutorial, I am not at this current time able to say how many parts the series will be parted into or how long each video will be. This is partly due to the fact that design ideas may change or I may decide to add more/less details. Hopefully, I'll be able to add more information in regards to this, once I get started working on it.
  • It will be a 'photo prop' and will consist of 2-3 walls in the shape of a corner/room. This also means that there will be areas I won't worry about spending time on - eg. the drawers/cabinets of the kitchen tables/cabinets will not be functional, as I don't have a use for this when taking pictures (I may create one drawer that opens, but it is not currently part of the plan). I also am not planning on adding working lighting, but I also can't say if I end up changing my mind about this - confusing, I know..
  • The projects will include a variety of mediums and will include working with; wood, metal, plastic (maybe with the use of my vacuum former for some pieces), fabric etc... When using some of my tools (router, lathe, electric file, soldering etc.) I will do a quick 'show and tell' showing the tool up close, letting you know what the name is, where I got it and potentially other pieces of information I think would be helpful.

The first part of the video series will be uploaded on the 1st of May. This first part will be a speedpaint/drawing where I'll be talking about the design/look I'm going for and why I made some of the choices I've made - not every video will be a full on tutorial, I want to make sure to have a proper introduction and a cozy feel.

So,. since it's hard to say too much about the project and series (because I genuinly don't have the answers myself), what I can say is; I'll be creating a miniature kitchen scene. I'll be showing how I'm making the walls/floor, kitchen units/tables, sink, oven/stove ( the oven will be able to open), fridge (it will be able to open, but I am not sure how much detail I'll be adding to the inside), shelving, hopefully a dining table (if I can make it fit) and potentially a few other knick knacks.

*Please note; smaller equipment/decor/components like a microwave, coffee maker, potted plants and in general things that are not part of the overall kitchen design, will not be part of this series.*

The video is unlisted until the first part has been uploaded. After this, it'll appear in the tutorial section on my site. Right now, the price is 15$. Whether you decide to purchase it now or at a later time, you'll have access to all parts and will receive email every time there's an update available. Every time a new video is uploaded, the price will increase with a few dollars until it reaches 30-35$ (the reason why where's no set final price is because I don't know yet, if there is going to be a dining table and seating as part of the series).

If you're interested, Click here to go to the listing.