Hello! - hope you're all well in spite of everything that's been happening. March was not a great month for me, as I believe I've mentioned already, but April has been more kind to me so far. I'm still behind on a few things - surprise, but am working on catching up!

Next shop update is on Sunday the 19th of April at 10:00pm CET (Central European Time). I will be listing items that have been featured in my recent posts on social media. If some of them are not included in this upcoming update, they'll be up in the second shop update this month which will be on one of the last days of the month (will give you a date when possible).

*Due to the whole Covid-19 situation, there are unfortunately a few countries I won't be able to ship to including Cyprus, China, Italy, Spain, Malta, Peru, Moldova, Honduras, French Polynesia, Tunisia, Romania, Sri Lanka, Panama, Kuwait, Mongolia, Jamaica, Philippines, Lebanon, Malaysia, Myanmar, Surinam, Bulgaria, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, New Caledonia , Colombia, Montenegro.

The list of countries I can and cannot ship to changes as this situation changes or progresses so I'm trying to keep track of these though this list, which is visible here on my website, may not stay up to date.

*And as mentioned on the 'important'-page, shipping times can still be longer than usual.

Fingers crossed that there won't be any more surprises!