Not going to lie - March has not been a great month for me. I've been very stressed out and busy taking care of less fun tasks that unfortunately had to be managed. Also, I'm sure most of you, who visit my site on a more frequent basis, have noticed that the tutorials are no longer available. Due to some changes I had to stop selling them, at least for now. I'm going to look into having videos available again next year, though apart from (maybe) the ceramics tutorial, none of the videos that were previously available will be up for sale again. And if the ceramics tutorial will be up and available again, I'll be increasing the price with 5$ - mostly to make it fair for anyone who purchased it when I had the 'last chance for tutorials' going on at the end of February. Anyone who has purchased the kitchen tutorial will see an update which will have some additional information (am working on catching up with all the other issues as quickly as I can so I can have that update made).

I also want to take a quick thank you to anyone who has purchased one of my art prints already as well as my new Queen berry stickers - Both the prints and stickers are a great way to support me and my work, so thank you. I will be adding a more detailed description to the print-listings asap, but for anyone interested;

The prints are printed on a fine art photo paper with a satin finish. They are printed using archival ink and will be signed before being shipped out. I have a secondary instagram account (SugarCharmShop2.0) which is used for updates in relation to these non-miniature items.

Now, as for the next shop update: I'm going to try something 'new'. Previously, whenever I've listed new pieces, I list them whenever they're ready and I've had a chance to take pictures etc.. This is both to have them up and available as soon as possible but largely due to the fact that my website has not been update-friendly. Meaning? well, if someone added something to their cart, that item would show up as unavailable to anyone else. If the person didn't check out, it would remain unavailable for up to an hour... It's great when it comes to giving people a chance to check out - not so great if people then decide to not complete a purchase. However, that seems to have been updated to a 'first come, first serve' and there's only one way to find out, right? Tomorrow, Monday the 23rd of March at 10:00pm CET (Central European Time) I'll update the shop with pieces from this March. I haven't had time to make a lot these past few weeks but am hoping to have another, small shop update before the end up the month. I'm not sure if this is going to cause problems with checkout but keeping my fingers crossed it'll be ok.

Please note, that due to the global quarantine, orders will be shipped on the 27th. Longer shipping times can possibly be expected as well.