I'm in a very nostalgic mood right now,. kind of.

Actually, I'm super tired - went to bed too late, woke up way too early and this is the result. Because I know I won't get much done, I figured I'd clean up my work room so it's ready for the coming week. Well,. easier said than done, I'm still at the stage of "trying to move away from the couch after coming home from today's grocery shopping"..

Anyway; this made me think back to my old setup in my room as well as my first setup in our old apartment - and thus, I went to my old blog to retrieve photos from back then;

The picture above is from out old apartment. We moved into that apartment in the summer of 2010 and lived there until the summer of 2013, I believe. My first polymer clay work space/setup - a corner of our living room. When we first moved in, I had all my supplies in the toolbox you can see under the desk. Gradually, it spread and took up more space, which is basically what you can see in the picture *ah, the memories*

These next 3 pictures are from when we first moved in to the new apartment and I got an actual 'craft room'. I still remember how exciting it was to be able to spread out my stuff over a larger area *so much space*, baring in mind that at this point in time I didn't really have any supplies for making furniture or ceramics, I only had a limited selection of fabric and most of my supplies could fairly easily fit around the desk.

And then fast forward to now,. I could definitely use a larger room! I don't need more floor space, really. I'd just like to be able to have my 'main working station' whilst also having a permanent place to do ceramics, a permanent place for wood/metal working and a permanent place for 'other/random/mixed stuff', rather than having to constantly move things away to make room for other projects or tools as well as not dealing with the mess that wood and metal working makes on the surfaces I'm also using for working with polymer clay. I do love my room very much though! it's been good to me :)

Will update with a photo of my current layout, when I manage to get off the couch and actually do some cleaning *hopefully today*