Currently on the desk; pup in progress.

This time I decided to dye some angora fibres for the black portion (Cruelty free, if you're new here) rather than using the black alpaca I mentioned a few posts back. So much better! - Definitely my preferred type of fur to use on my miniature animals. The light tan is baby alpaca though, as I wanted a bit more 'texture' for those parts :)

I like this part of the process where you have a very visible 'before and after' of the sculpture VS 'with fur', especially because the sculpt on its own is not all that charming.

A few days ago I decided to 'revive' my old SugarCharmShop facebook page,. and by 'revive', I basically mean try to remember to post something on there a few times a month. Fun fact; I don't like facebook and never have. I made that page YEARS ago, posted a few pictures and haven't really been signed in more than once or twice since then,... I also have a page for 'me', which again, I have never actually been active on ^^'' I originally made it in order to leave 1 comment on a particular page at one point and since then I've only used it to leave a couple of reviews for places I've eaten... yeah,.. But hey - feel free to go 'like' my page if you feel like it :) I'm not going to get upset if you don't though - facebook will never become something I'll care about.

Whilst in a moment of insanity, I did go through a few hundred messages on there, dating back to the beginning of 2014 I think,. Granted, I only responded to a couple as most of them were outdated by,.. a lot...

A lot of the messages were requests for youtube videos (honestly not sure why anyone would write a request for me on there). Some where messages about buying specific items from videos or ordering in general,.. one person had been super creepy and used my face as their profile picture since 2014 it seemed,. and a lot of them were just super sweet messages about how much people like my work. so thank you so much, if you who are reading this, is one of the people who wrote one of those kind messages - I do really appreciate it so, so much.