What do ya' know, I actually finished a doll this time instead of letting it slowly die on my desk amongst other projects *applause* - I'm allowed to be proud of that accomplishment, right?

Will take some proper photos within the next couple of days and have him up in the shop in case someone can actually find a use for a Michael Jackson in their dollhouse,..

I've decided to take it easy this month. Of course I still need to finish up a couple of orders and I need to still make things to sell, but I want to allow myself the time to work on the next doll as well as a couple of other projects I have in mind that aren't necessarily the most sensible projects 'business'-wise.

Spent a portion of the day, today, finding reference photos for the next one - can you tell who it is? probably not, there's not a lot to base a guess on :)

Also just realized you can see part of one of the names on my 'to be considered' list at the bottom,.. Sharon Osbourne haha - love that lady. But we'll see.

Need to go hunting for more fabric options for suits,. quite a few of the 'men' on my list will be wearing a suit of some sort - or at least be somewhat dressed up. I know I'll be moving through the list very slowly, but I like being prepared, and seeing as I got rid of a large chunk of my fabric stash recently, I don't feel confident that I have what I need... Which I guess I wouldn't really feel I had anyway, considering the fact that I only got rid of whatever could not be used for miniatures.. But you know that feeling? When you've done a major clean-out and it seems like you have no options left? My boyfriend would probably call it 'hoarder mentality' but I prefer 'being prepared' haha :)