Sun. 17th of Feb.

Cooking up some pancakes/crepes - you can call them what you want :) To me, they're just pancakes because this is what a pancake is expected to look like here, whereas what a lot of people would consider a 'pancake' is what we call 'american pancakes'. But whether you know them as one or the other, I think we can all agree that they're delicious!

These will be available later today. (Update; they will be up Tuesday. I want to list more pieces at once)

In the ideal world, I'd love to feature all the pieces I'm working on before adding them to the shop - to give a 'heads up' for anyone who could potentially be interested, but I know that's not always possible when adding pieces multiple times throughout the week. I listed a few pieces with blood oranges yesterday, which sold out (thank you), and though they're no longer available, I'd like to feature one of them anyway.

1:12 scale miniature blood oranges

I had to make a new orange cane to use with the pancakes above, so I'm hoping to get a few 'normal' oranges made as well this upcoming week. Love citrus fruits!

Also working on something non-miniature related at the moment, which I'm hoping to be able to share soon,. or 'soon-ish',. Trying to work ahead so I can allow myself a few days to continue working on it *hopefully this month*. Not counting on finishing it until late march though.