I'm tempted to calling this post 'panda xpress' because it's almost too perfect of a combination not to - but I won't. Previously in the week I made a few servings of cashew chicken (which will be up as a tutorial on this site soon). I used my 'metallic' black ceramics which I am absolutely in love with - they're so perfectly rustic, yet elegant at the same time - some of these will be listed (just the black ceramics on their own) as a Christmas release together with some red pieces closer to December.. And it's not that they'll only be available then and there, but I decided to save the 'first listings' of these colors for that time as they SCREAM sexy Christmas to me.

The panda was made for today's tutorial on YouTube :)

Both the panda and cashew chicken can be found in my shop.

I also invested in a new microphone,. again,.. I don't know why the other model suddenly decided to act up or just not work as well as it used to. The good news is that I LOVE the new one - it's the Blue yeti. I used it for my last tutorial on youtube and unlike the mic I usually use, I could keep a decent distance, I didn't have to remove background noise and I didn't (in that video) turn the audio up further after recording. I am hoping to be able to post 2-3 tutorials on here this upcoming week because of that! :)