I love how fruit and vegetables always add such amazing color to any scene! perfect if you need a pop of color in your dollhouse. These pairs, that I made a few weeks ago are now available as a tutorial in my shop :) The pairs themselves will be added to the shop within a few days.

I loved making these and I hope you'll like them too!

Also finally got my new laptop and was able to edit a lot easier. Though my 'old' laptop was able to run the programs pretty well (definitely could use a disc cleanup), it's nowhere near as smooth as the new one. And, what I'm most excited about; I can record proper voiceovers again *excitement*

I'm hoping I'll be able to make a few ceramics tomorrow and fire during the weekend, so if any of you are waiting for me to list ceramics, there should be some added to the shop Monday (the 7th). I have no idea if they're going to sell or not but I do wanna give those of you who keep an eye on this site a heads up before announcing it anywhere else :) If they are listed Monday, I will be mentioning it on instagram Tuesday ^^ I'll let you know if there are any delays, but so far that's the plan! :)