One of the pasta dishes I've been working on; Penne pasta with a simple tomato sauce.

Trying to decide on which 'sauce' to add to the farfalle from my last post. I have a couple in mind that I'd like to make,. But I guess, in the end, it deosn't matter too much - can always make others at a late time!

This previous month I had a few bumps in the road which meant I ended up not quite keeping up with my schedule, so I'm doing my best to redeem myself this month! although, I might allow myself to relax a bit on Friday as it's my birthday *woop woop*. I'm going to spend it the best way I know how; doing absolutely whatever I want to, at home, in my pj's, have whatever I desire for dinner and finish off with some cake and a movie ;) ideally I'd like to go to the movies, but there's not a single thing playing that I'm interested in seeing on the big screen so at home movie night it is!