So who would have guessed that selling the majority of your ceramic stash meant that you'd be lacking ceramics for your own miniature food?,. everyone? yes, I know, me included. No regrets though.

Been prepping ceramics which are currently in the kiln for the bisque firing and will be glaze fired tomorrow *yay*. I've chosen to go for a new system; Usually when making ceramics, I'll just use whichever glazes I feel like. A couple of metallic black plates, then a couple of beige etc. This time I'm going to stick with 2 colors for the entire batch. Well, technically 3 - but 2 of them are almost the same shade. I know this means I'll have less options, which means I'll likely have to fire ceramics more frequently - at least until I've built up a decent selection again. The reason why I'm going to try doing it this way though, is for the ease of having similar plates/bowls for each 'project'. eg. if making brownies and I decide that I want to have them arranged on a pink plate, I'd like to avoid the situation of having just 1 pink plate left if I'm planning on making 2, 3 or even 4 similar arrangement. It's kindda difficult to explain because most food can go on different colors of plates and still look awesome, so what's the big deal?. A better way of explaining it, I guess, is to have the right number/color of plates to create what you envisioned. Sometimes you have a scene or a combination in mind, and you don't want to 'ruin' that vision with the wrong color of tableware, right? ^^'

I'm also working on an update for the ceramics tutorial; an additional video which will show swatches of my different glazes including brands and names. I was going to make a PDF but figured a video where I can twist and turn the pieces would be more helpful. I likely won't be talking in the video unless I find that it'll add something important or otherwise helpful to the content. Anyone who has purchased the tutorial will receive an email notification when the update is available - it's a free update, so no need for further action :)

The update should be available at the end of this month, or the first weekend of November.

If you'd like to purchase the tutorial, you can click the image below to go to the page :)

1:12 scale miniature ceramic tutorial1:12th scale miniature ceramics tutorial