Progress on Mr Hanks...

So,. I haven't been to the local fabric shop for a while - in fact, I apparently haven't been their since spring of this year,. How do I know?; I went there to find fabric for mini Hank's outfit (poor selection, didn't find what I needed) and for whatever reason they decided to transform the store into a craft store of some kind? They were selling stuff to create jewelry, stamps for card making, acrylic paint, wooden pieces for painting and polymer clay - and one of the employees informed me they'd been selling it since spring... It already wasn't a great fabric store to begin with so I'm not sure whether or not giving 'fabric' less space (therefore less stock) is a smart choice.

Anyway - I then went onto a website where I've previously ordered from and found a bunch of fabric both for mr. Hanks and other projects,... wasn't able to check out my cart even thoIugh I attempted checking out multiple times both as a new customer, repeat customer and guest - it kept asking me to correct the marked boxes for my address, but there were no marked boxes *mildly frustrated*. I tried again today but with no luck, so I've contacted them and am waiting for a response.

I still need to find 1 specific type of fabric I can use for a coat. If I'm lucky I can find some in the 2 moving boxes of fabric samples. It's no rush though, as I'm not ready to make any of the pieces of clothing yet and the coat will be the last piece.

I'd completely forgotten that I've given myself a Christmas break later this month, so I miiiight be considering squeezing in another doll this month.. we'll see :)