Okay,. I'll admit that I haven't been working as quickly as I could this week. I may also just have been enjoying the fact that it's December?. The fabric I needed for mr Hanks still hasn't arrived which kind of explains my "no need to speed up"-mindset. I need to do some digging around to see if I have any fabric that will work for mr Chan. I should have,. hopefully.

My other option would be to wait, start working on the next doll and then dress 3 dolls at once, which I'd prefer to avoid. I'm already really bad at continuing projects that have been lying around for even just a few days, so leaving them for too long could result in me not finishing them at all. Although, I do feel more inspired to finish these portrait dolls, even if they've been left for a while, compared to other, past projects. Plus, as long as I don't start working on any other new projects (do have a few food pieces I need to finish) it should be fine. I might see if I can get mr Chan dressed first, start working on the next one and then dress 2 dolls once the fabric gets here. Sound like a plan. I want to finish them this year though, so if I don't get the fabric before the new year starts, I'll have to choose a different outfit for Hanks - and I spent a long time choosing an outfit seeing as that man almost only wears suits! ^^'