My dollhouse doll inspired by Robert De Niro is done.

I love the blue on him together with the tan pants and brown shoes. The blue jacket with the blue shirt gives off nautical vibes in my mind, but it may just be me? Either way, I think he looks very kind, and I'm happy with the result!

De Niro doll before paint and hair was addedDe Niro doll before paint and hair was added

If you follow me on facebook, you've already seen the other doll I was working on. And as almost everyone guessed, it's Julia Roberts.I haven't taken a photo of the finished face sculpt after the ears were added, but I'll add the same picture I posted on facebook :)

My plan is to dress her in an outfit inspired by the movie 'Pretty woman'... It actually wasn't until I realized I could do that, that I added her name to my list of people I want to make. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Julia, she's a great actress! But that doesn't necessarily equal me wanting to make someone into a miniature doll haha. And on the other hand, there are also people I'm a huge fan of, but whom I'll likely never make in miniature,. it really is a matter of whether or not the inspiration is there.

I'll be starting another head sculpt tomorrow,... Hopefully I'll be able to finish one of those dolls this month, but I need to focus most of my energy on other miniatures right now, so it may not happen. I've found that working on 3 dolls at a time works decently well for me - as long as I don't leave any of them for too long without finishing them. It's enough to be able to 'rotate' and switch between different people or characters when I feel like working on something else, but not too many for me to no longer be able to cope with the amount.