Tutorial showing how to make miniature spicy, fried chicken ciabatta sandwiches is now up! - I'm not able to get tutorials up as quickly as I would like at the moment but that should change soon *fingers crossed*. This sandwich doesn't require any canes and is pretty simple to make, so I hope you'll enjoy :)

Also had fun making pork chops a couple of days ago. Every now and then I ask on my instagram what type of food you like for different occasions; A few days ago I asked what you like to put on the grill in the summer and someone said marinated pork chops... I've never made raw pork chops in miniature before and that's a good enough reason for me to make it right away, haha.

These will be up in the shop tomorrow :)

This morning we had a decent amount of rain as well, which hopefully means I'll be able to throw some stuff on the grill myself soon! otherwise I may have to invest in a small gas grill - which they do allow people to use... I just prefer coal.