It's been raining a lot these past few days,. a nice change from all the scorchingly hot days we've had!

The lower temperature means I'll finally be able to set aside some days to make some new ceramics *excitement*. If the weather holds up, I'll be firing some ceramics next weekend, which means I'll be adding a few plates, bowls and sculpting bases to the shop the 20th of August :) And if the weather continues, I'll be adding a few more the following week. Because I haven't been able to make new ones for a while my own stash is running low as well, and though I'd love to make pieces just for the shop, I do need to keep some for myself to use.

One of my recent ceramic love affairs has been the unglazed pieces I've been using for some of my work. I love the texture and the rustic feel they add, so I will for sure be making some for the shop in case some of you are interested in those as well.

Unglazed ceramicsUnglazed ceramics

Yesterday I ordered a few new ceramic glazes which I'll be able to test out in the next firing - 5, I think. Ordering glazes is always exciting but you never quite know if they're going to work for your projects or not before you've had a chance to play around with them. Depending on the clay, the firing schedule/details and the fact that it's a miniature, the final result doesn't always match up with the swatch displayed online.

Something else I'm hoping you'll be excited about is the fact that I'll be able to have a set schedule for tutorials starting the 1st of September. Because I want to give myself a chance to get into the swing of things I'll start off with 2 guaranteed tutorials a month - anything more than that will be considered a bonus :) Once the new year starts, my goal will be a guarantee of 1 tutorial a week and hopefully always on the same day.

Thank you so much for the support - I am super excited about having more time to focus on my miniatures and website and hope you'll enjoy my shop updates as well as the tutorials :)