Not that terribly long ago I made a new system for my shop where the next shop update would be announced on the pink banner at the very top of the page... And as much as I love the idea of that way of doing things, it doesn't work for me. I've also found that a lot of people don't see the banner anyway, which in that case defeats the purpose.

It's due to a mix of reasons. For one, when announcing a shop update I felt I had to add at least 15-20+ listings every time and ideally I'd like to update the shop at least once a week but sometimes I'm working on bigger projects that take longer and I might only end up with 8 listings - in which case it seems like a bit much to make an announcement and have people waiting, visiting the site all at once. That has resulted in me not making an update at all some weeks and I haven't listed anything this month. Another reason is that when I show things on my instagram page, some people expect that item to appear in the shop within a few days - which is understandable, so waiting for the next update to list it doesn't as well as I'd have liked it to.

Because I haven't listed anything this month, I took some time to think about these issues and in the end I decided to go back to listing pieces once they're finished and I've had a chance to take pictures of them. Unfortunately, that is what works the best at the moment.

I managed to start working on the outfit for mr. De Niro. Finished up his hands and feet and had him glued together a few days ago. Really liking how he's coming together! Just need to sew his navy blue jacket and add the final touches :) I won't be able to finish him up tomorrow though, tomorrow will be spent editing tutorials - one for a magazine,. and I'll have to re-edit the second part of the kitchen tutorial.. So no mini making. Hopefully I'll be able to finish him this weekend if I can find the time.