This dish may not have a lot of different components. It doesn't have lots of visible, chopped up vegetables, nor lots of colorful side dishes.. But for some things, like spaghetti and meatballs, it's that simplicity that I love. Any pasta dish looks tasty in my mind though - even those filled with seafood, mushrooms or other 'ingredients' that I don't personally like.

And well,. 'miniature' ups the cute factor by at least 10 times, haha.

It's funny, I've only made spaghetti and meatballs one time previously in miniature - back in 2015. And so after finishing these (almost finished - still need to add cheese). I couldn't help but think 'wonder how much different it looks from my 2015 version'. I think the reason is that I honestly didn't expect much of a difference. You have the spaghetti, the meatballs and the sauce - how much different can it possibly be?

I was surprised. The spaghetti itself is too thick - even for a thicker variety. The meatballs are too rough in texture, and though it could be argued that they could indeed just be very rustic - even then, it's not defined enough to carry that look. The sauce is different; I very clearly was inspired by a different photo with a different setup, but even then, if I were to make that same arrangement, I'd add more texture to the sauce. The cheese is too 'soft' in texture - the edges are not sharp enough and don't give off that crumbly parmesan feel.

The ceramics used were from one of my very first batches. They're not great, but definitely not bad. I love to use those straight sided bowls - definitely need to make more of those!

2015Spaghetti and meatballs from 2015

I once posted a video on youtube comparing some of my first miniatures with newer versions (it may have been back in 2015 as well). Every now and then I get comments saying I shouldn't criticize the old pieces because it could potentially make someone feel bad about their own work, and recently I received a comment saying I should also be thankful because some people, even though they've been making similar creations for years might never be able to create pieces that look like my first miniatures.

I know that there can be exceptions to every rule - but in general, I do believe that everyone who truely wants to improve, can. It's not a bad thing to criticize your old work. There's even nothing from with making fun of it from time to time. In order to improve, you need to be able to see the flaws and see what can be improved upon. This doesn't mean you're not allowed to be happy with something you've made because it has flaws, and it doesn't mean everyone should start pointing out the flaws of everyone else's work to them. But if you do want to become better at something - simply ask yourself what you can do to improve on the previous result :) And seeing a person poking fun at their old work should never make you feel bad about your own work - be proud of where you're at and compare yourself to YOU, rather than to someone else.