Yes, there's been a a lot of sticker updates from me lately, spread across this blog, my shop, instagram and facebook. But that's how it is when you're playing around with something new, right? :)

Anyway - As mentioned in the description of my stickers, I offer 2 types; Matt sticker paper and Matt vinyl.

The matt sticker paper I use has been selected because it's nice and thin - ideal for planners (though you can of course use it to decorate other items as well). It gives a less vibrant/smooth print compared to the vinyl but compliments the watercolor illustrations so well! I really love these.

The matt vinyl stickers are more durable, are waterproof and offer a brighter, more crisp print. These are ideal for decorating most things, though I don't recommend putting them on hard wearing surfaces that'll be put through a lot. I've used them for decorating the outside of my planner, sketchbooks, a couple of my watercolor palettes etc.

All sticker orders come with a freebie (Most cases, matt sticker paper freebie). I select the freebies for each order so you won't receive a freebie that features the same design as any of the listings you've ordered. However, if you order stickers multiple times, you may receive a freebie you've gotten before. The freebies currently feature designs from the different sticker sheets as well as some of the designs that are only sold as 'loose stickers'.

I've updated some of the sticker listings to feature a close up picture of the paper stickers in use to give you a better idea of what they look like - and I've added those pictures to this post as well. With time, I'll be adding more pictures to make sure all listings (paper and vinyl) have in-use close-ups of some of the stickers from each sheet.

*You can write on top of both the paper and vinyl stickers (I've successfully written on both types of stickers with gel pens, pencils, colored felt tip fine liners as well as a normal pen.