Some of my recent miniatures; strawberries and donuts.

I needed some new strawberries for a few projects and of course I had to make some on their own as well! Just a couple of little dishes though :) Hoping to list these this week, as well as a few plates of donuts (with and without icing) AND 3 dolls! Finally managed to find the time to finish the ones I've been working on in December/January.

Currently on the hunt for fabric for the most recent doll project. The exact look I want is going to be tough to find in miniature, so I may have to settle for a slightly different look,. or choose a different outfit.

I have to find a good fabric store that I can go visit in person. As long as it's here in Denmark, I don't care what city I have to visit - neeeeed to build up a good selection for miniature doll clothes.