I don't recall if I've mentioned this before on here but,. I don't function well with heat. Yesterday the temperature went up to around 30C and today it's at 25C. I know 25 degrees to a lot of people is considered the perfect temperature - nice and hot, perfect for a trip to the beach etc... I don't know how people do it! I will melt if I go outside - but unfortunately I have to, sometimes ;)

Today I finished up a couple of orange cakes - I absolutely love the bright sunny color contrasting with my blue background, but I also love how much more delicate they look when you place them on a more neutral surface. Both have been sold (thank you).

Chicken wings have also been listed - these are the ones from my tutorial (which you can find here on the site), I just added some french fries to finish up this delicious summer suited meal. I'd like to grill up some wings myself, in real life, but unfortunately we can't; there is currently 'no BBQ'ing allowed' due to lack of rain and I'd like to avoid an 820$ fine! geeez - Grilling is the one thing I look forward to in the summer time, and now I'm not allowed, haha. Let's hope the sky will bless us with some rain soon.